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Robie Ulpiano Ramas

"I first made contact with Atul on March of 2014 after searching immigration agents on the internet on my work lunch break.
I came back to Australia in February 2014 with my 1-year-old daughter and my wife Sarah assuming that her coming on a tourist ( family sponsored visa ) that we would be able to apply for her Spouse visa on shore without her having to go back overseas. This was not the case.
Atul was very professional, explaining clearly what needed to take place in order for my wife to gain her permanent residency here in Australia.  This, of course, meant that my wife did have to go back to the Philippines.
My wife, daughter and I went back to the Philippines in May and immediately applied for her spouse visa, which Atul had already prepared while we were still in Australia. As the Spouse visa was an 11 month waiting period, Atul then suggested we submit another Family Sponsored Visa, but this time for 12 months so my wife would be in Australia while waiting for the outcome.
We were amazed out how quickly this all took place. After submitting the Family Sponsored Visa, not long after we received a request from immigration for my wife to have her medical done. We were told that after the medical, we would have to wait a further 2 weeks before we would hear anything from immigration.
To our amazement, after 2 days Atul called us to let us know that Sarah was approved and we could now come back to Australia.
Now that we were back in Australia, all we had to do was wait 11 months for the visa to be approved.
It took only 8 and a half months for my wife to be approved for her Spouse Visa. To add to this, the application we submitted was for the Provisionary spouse visa ( subclass 309 ) which is only a 2-year temporary resident visa and my wife was approved a Partner Permanent visa( subclass 100 ) which means that my wife is now a full resident.
I can’t thank Atul enough for all the great work that he has done for my wife and my family.  I would recommend her services to anyone who is need of not just an Immigration agent, but someone who understands and genuinely wants to help keep families together
Thank you Atul for all you help."

I learned about Bhardwaj and Associates through the website and contacted them. We were in touch and when he visited India, I took the opportunity to meet him.
My inquiries related to my prospect of getting a PR in Australia and we had a frank and open discussion about it. I was enlightened about the number of pathways, from which I could choose. My interaction with Atul was fruitful and greatly enhanced my knowledge of immigration matters. 
I now need to work on the guidelines given by Atul and get myself qualified enough, which I am sure I shall be able to do so.
I highly recommend Atul and shall obtain his services in the future."

Jitesh Bakshi

 "I consulted Atul from overseas about an expired permanent visa that I had to renew as soon as possible. Within a few minutes, he responded and advised me on what the best strategy is. Luckily I was able to renew my visa within 24 hours and had no troubles coming into Australia again. Atul is a very reliable, honest and positive in nature. I highly recommend Atul and wish him just the best.


"Atul is one of the best Emigration lawyers I have ever worked with. He has an amazing ability to reduce complex issues and make people can understand. In overall it is an excellent service."

Sameera Pitawala


Drugs Related Matters

"Hi Atul,

Thank you for the attention and effort for our son's case. 

We are writing to express our gratitude for the outcome of XXX’s case. The decision by the court was the best possible scenario that we could have hoped to achieve....." From a concerned parent (15 October 2018)

Drink Driving,Disqualified Driver and Drugs Related Matters

"Dear Atul,

Thank u so much for your support and help. Really appreciate your efforts. We are relaxed. God bless u"


from grateful parents (22 Aug 2018)


 "Hi Adeline,


Many many thanks for your support and effort. You did a good job! Absolutely excellent."


From SXL & BXT (8 Oct 2018)

Criminal Matters

It is my great pleasure to recommend Atul as a very professional lawyer. He he began his career as a police prosecutor and was well respected within the force over the years that he performed his task so professionally. I can’t recommend him highly enough because he is not only thorough but entirely trustworthy in every sense of the word. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone at all for the very best of service.

From John JEHU