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Criminal Law

At Bhardwaj and Associates Lawyers we have years of experience in criminal matters and we are best placed to act in your best interest: We know the court system and can advocate and negotiate the best outcome for you. It is of paramount importance that you understand your legal rights before you interact with the police or attend court.

We understand that facing a criminal charge can be a very stressfull time. We can represent you, explain the court process and guide you through the process and give you  the options if you should plead guilty or not. We can also negotiate with the Police to drop the charges or reduce it to a lesser charge.

A criminal conviction can have a long lasting effect on you; it may prevent you from your future employment and may prevent you from travelling overseas. If you are on a student visa or a bridging visa, the recording of a conviction can have a very negative effect on your permanent visa application.

Domestic Violence offences

Domestic violence has been acknowledged as a very serious and widespread issue. This prompted the government to set up a task force and in 2015, accepted all the recommendations included in the report Not Now, Not Ever.

As defined under the “Act” it is “a behaviour by a person  towards another person  with whom the first person is in a relevant relationship that is physically or sexually abusive, or is emotionally or psychologically abusive; or is economically abusive or is threatening or is coercive or in any other way controls or dominates the second person and causes the second person to fear for the second person’s safety or wellbeing or that of someone else.”

It is not limited to the above definition. From years of  representing clients in private and Police applications, we are well placed to give non-judgmental and sound advice. To arrange an appointment contact us by completing the online form or call us.

Our proven successful trial advocacy is best described in the words of one of our many clients, “Dear Atul, thank you so much for your help during my court appearance. You were very kind and supportive to me and I truly appreciate that. You must deal with hundreds of cases per year, but you have retained a warm and caring side and I can’t thank you enough for your humanity. The people of Qld are lucky to have you on their side.  Kind regards”

Immigration Law

As skilled migrants ourselves, we understand the value of a reliable consultant; if you are planning to move to Australia for personal, study or work reasons, we are aware, in particular, the frustration that is often associated with the Visa application process.

Our goal is to provide visa solutions and enjoy the excitement of migrating to another country.


At Bhardwaj and Associates Lawyers, we provide expert assistance within all areas of practice, including, work visa, travel visa, working holiday visa, family visa, study visa, business visa, representation at AAT and advocating for you at the Ministerial appeals.

Our services are tailor-made to suit your requirements.  

Drug Offences

At Bhardwaj & Associates Lawyers we have experienced lawyers who successfully manage drug related offences. This includes offences like, possession, supply, production, trafficking, and importation of dangerous drugs.

The penalties for drugs offences include “drug diversion”, for minor drug offence, fines, probation and community service and even lengthy periods of imprisonment. We are mindful of the fact that a “conviction” being recorded for such an offence can have long-term Implications and we will endeavor that a “conviction” not be recorded. We achieve our results through successful negotiations with police prosecutors, keeping the charges restricted to the Magistrate’s court and a strong advocacy.

Traffic Law

At Bhardwaj and Associates Lawyers, we understand that appearing in court for traffic related offences can be a very daunting and intimidating experience. Often, these offences carry a potential disqualification of your licence. We are aware that not having a driving licence can have serious life changing implications.

Most common traffic offences are drink/drug driving offence, careless driving, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, demerit point and SPERS suspended offences.

At Bhardwaj and Associates Lawyers we can explain all the options available to you, which include advising you on  the option in obtaining a work licence or we can assist you with a special hardship application.

Weapons Offences

The definition of what constitutes a “weapon” is often misunderstood by the common man. Travel overseas often may result in a purchase of a “weapon”, which one may wrongfully believe that they are legal to purchase and possess it. This may result in being charged for 'possession of a weapon'.


Certain religious groups are permitted to carry a “Kripan” and may be wrongfully charged for carrying a “knife” though permitted by law.

Certain weapon offenses carry a mandatory imposition of a term of imprisonment and a forfeiture of their weapons license. Due diligence should be exercised before entering any pleas of guilty.

Family Law

If you are going through a separation or relationship problems, you will have a team of compassionate lawyers to offer you cost effective solutions and best legal advice.

At Bhardwaj and Associates Lawyers, our solicitors will advise you on:

  • Divorce and separation;

  • Property Settlements;

  • Parenting Agreements;

  • Mediation and Arbitration.


We understand that each family is unique and has its own challenges and dynamics.

At Bhardwaj and Associates Lawyers, you will be appointing an experienced and highly skilled solicitor in:

  • family law disputes;

  • domestic violence;

  • criminal law;

  • immigration and visa issues;

  • property law; and

  • commercial law.

Sexual offences

Sexual offences include rape, sexual assault, willful exposure, indecent treatment of children, unlawful carnal knowledge and the possession/distribution of child exploitation material, using the internet to procure children under 16, grooming children under 16 years and incest are some of the offences.

The penalties are severe for these offences and generally include an actual term of imprisonment. At Bhardwaj & Associates Lawyers we take a proactive approach dealing with such offences and explore the defence options that may be available to the defendant.

Wills and Estates

At Bhardwaj and Associates Lawyers we understand the importance of a will and estate plan. We acknowledge that the circumstances can be different for each one of us.

We take pride in understanding your unique circumstances and explain the requirements that need to be addressed to encompass your legal rights.

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